Interessant leesvoer Umbraco

Meer weten over Umbraco? Onze collega's Bert en Marcel schreven een tweetal artikelen voor de Umbraco community. Daarbij gaan ze in op een aantal toffe webtechnieken: Umbraco, AngularJS, TypeScript en Jasmine (client-side testframework). De inleiding van het eerste artikel lees je hieronder. 

Extending the Umbraco backend using AngularJS and TypeScript


Since the introduction of Umbraco 7, extending the backend is possible using AngularJS. At Seven Stars, we were very excited to see Per Ploug demoing Belle at CodeGarden 2013. Why?

At Seven Stars, we are coding a lot using AngularJS. In fact, we started developing with AngularJS since its early days. Starting last year, one of our customers began redeveloping the entire existing codebase (originally in Delphi/Silverlight) to a modern REST API and an AngularJS frontend. Since the original code base consists of several millions lines of code, we had some issues regarding the untyped character of the Javascript language. Fortunately, TypeScript was also born almost at the same time, which led to the decision to fully use AngularJS in cooperation with TypeScript to keep the new codebase maintainable.

Maybe you also began using TypeScript and AngularJS both at the same time. In that case, you probably faced the same difficulties we encountered: learning AngularJS is not easy, although doable with all kinds of examples available on the web. However, if you add TypeScript, you constantly have to translate those examples to their TypeScript alternatives. When you are learning both techniques at once, the learning curve can be very, very steep. Perhaps, if we would have had all of today's knowledge at the starting point, we would have gathered detailed knowledge of AngularJS first, after which we would have added TypeScript to the battle. On the other hand, where would the article you are currently reading be then ;) ?

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